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Enterprise-grade backup and restore capabilities are now available to small and medium-sized businesses. Our full-feature backup service works on or off your corporate network, permits the protection of external devices, encourages the use of multiple destinations and includes access to experienced, results-driven support.

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Stop worrying about the vulnerability of your company data. Call or email and find out how Background Backup can deliver the security and simplicity you're looking for.


Macmedics is pleased to offer in partnership with Background Backup a secure, Canadian-based offsite backup solution for our clients. Have peace of mind that your critical data is backed up safely without hassle of changing drives and tapes or the worry about forgetting to do so. Your data is secure, encrypted to ensure privacy, and stored on Canadian data servers – no Patriot Act to concern yourself with. Please contact us for additional service details and a tailored estimate for protection.

Jeffrey Barrett/MacMedics
475 Dovercourt Road
Toronto, M6H 2W3

Office: 416-466-4066 ext 1

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Background Backup What are others
saying about us?

Kristin Green, LightSpeed Integrator

“I phoned in, and a staff member was able to calm me down and help me recover the files from a backup made earlier in the week. No data was lost, and it only took a matter of minutes for them to recover.”

J.G., Law office administrator

“As a web developer, all of the work I do is on a computer, and Background Backup has saved critical data for me. I was able to track back data from months gone by.”

Ryan D Brinkhurst, Partner, Halogen Marketing

CrashPlan PRO
At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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