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Stop worrying about the vulnerability of your company data. Call or email and find out how Background Backup can deliver the security and simplicity you're looking for.

If you need assistance, our expert staff is available and will respond within our support hours of 8 A.M. and 8 P.M. Eastern, Monday to Friday. 24/7 support options are also available on a per-account basis—we’d be happy to discuss pricing and service level options with you.

At the speed you require

If you’re looking to accelerate your implementation of Background Backup, we can capture the bulk of your data in a single visit to your location and transport that snapshot directly to our servers-getting you up and running with a complete data save in a compressed timeframe.

Expertise you can depend on

Background Backup Inc. is a privately-held Canadian corporation, spun off in early 2011 after more than three years of incubation within IronGate Server Management & Consulting, an established company of systems and storage experts. With more than 60 years of combined experience, the IronGate team supports customers across North America—small to medium sized enterprises, government departments and educational institutions, and digital media production teams.

The protection you need

Our standard package includes enterprise-grade security (448-bit data encryption and 128-bit web communications encryption). If you have heightened security concerns, we offer a private key solution that turns your backup repository into a ‘digital safety deposit box’ accessible by only the most select authorized personnel.

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Download Background Backup’s PROe client software here (Registration Key or Account required):

Background Backup What are others
saying about our
level of service?

Kristin Green, LightSpeed Integrator

“I phoned in, and a staff member was able to calm me down and help me recover the files from a backup made earlier in the week. No data was lost, and it only took a matter of minutes for them to recover.”

J.G., Law office administrator

“As a web developer, all of the work I do is on a computer, and Background Backup has saved critical data for me. I was able to track back data from months gone by.”

Ryan D Brinkhurst, Partner, Halogen Marketing

CrashPlan PRO
At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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