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Leverage our automated tools and CrashPlan-certified support team to save your organization time and money: automatically receive customized billing reports and advanced performance alerts about your CrashPlan PROe environment.

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** Note: Q4 is our annual “open beta” free use period; please see footnote for registration details. **

Receive automatic usage & billing reports for all CrashPlan PROe users, including:

– Precise storage utilization reports, permitting graphs for up to 13 months of hourly client-destination activity.
– We report against all PROe destinations (master/slave/peer-peer/local folder), version 3.8.2010 or later.
– Bring threat condition alert thresholds down to 1-hour, enjoying 1-click grouped listings of affected systems.
– Our custom (per-org and/or per destination) charge-back/billing rates allow for extremely flexible billing options.
– Choose from .csv, HTML, XML reports or leverage API-enabled billing tools for auto-created customer invoices.
– Enjoy access to outsourced “PROe Administrator in a box” type services, leveraging certified CrashPlan Admins.

Since we’re monitoring the client-destination relationship anyway,
choose to be notified when our Radar42 Cloud system detects
known conditions which may indicate a threat to a future restore:

– Make the most of the hourly client-destination stats obtained through our secure PROe API status checks.
– Advanced CrashPlan PROe condition alerts can then be submitted to one or many email addresses.
– We report against all PROe destinations (master/slave/peer-peer/local folder), version 3.8.2010 or later.
– Choose to automatically send “welcome” messages to new users, customizable by Org.
– Choose to send custom alerts into your company workflow tools or help desk (we like ZenDesk, for instance)
for the activation or de-activation of any user or computer.

Use Radar42 to select which advanced CrashPlan PROe reports and alerts go to which administrator or help desk account.

Use Radar42 to select which advanced CrashPlan PROe reports and alerts go to which administrator or help desk account.

Radar42 is easy to setup, with 45-day no charge trials available:

– Our service makes use of the built-in CrashPlan REST API, requiring only a single read-only PROe account.
– The same API-called data is used for advanced threat detection and alerting as well as billing and accounting
– No need to install any software, agents or plug-ins on the server; you control the user account which we use.
– “No-charge trial” accounts are setup securely the same day that we are able to obtain & verify the required details.

A note about our Q4 free-use period: During the last quarter of each year (October, November and December) we extend an open invitation to qualified CrashPlan PROe administrators (100 seat minimum) to make full use of our reporting systems for an extended 90 day period, in exchange for their active participation on three scheduled feedback calls in November and December. This allows us to hear about what we’ve done well in the past year and we also learn about what we need to be working on in the upcoming year.  There is no credit card needed to register and all we ask is that participants provide thoughtful, honest feedback.  Please email open-beta@radar42.com to learn more or to be sent a registration package.

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At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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