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Are you a business consultant or service provider that loves to earn amazing customer reviews? Would you like to earn some more? We can help.

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Are you a consultant or business advisor seeking a reliable backup service provider?  Someone who will look out and care for you as much as you look out and care for your own clients?

Perhaps you manage a multi-location sales and support organization with an existing team of service technicians, but you just want to know that your branded managed backup service will be built and managed by industry leaders, and made available to you with no capital costs, at wholesale prices?

Background Backup has two partner relationship models to choose from, to suit your preference as to how involved you wish to be in the administration and delivery of client facing technical support, if ever needed.

Our RESELLER model:
– generates a single wholesale-rate invoice to you each month, broken down by client
– provides the flexibility to choose how you bundle, include or freely price & sell the service
– provides your authorized staff with bird’s eye view reporting and status reports
– requires your organization to invoice and collect payments from your clients, based on the above
– requires your organization to provide 1st tier technical support to all of your clients
– we in turn provide your staff with unlimited 2nd and 3rd tier support, as required

– requires no invoicing or collections on your part; service is invoiced by Background Backup, Inc.
– welcomes you to (but does not require/bind you to) provide 1st-tier, client-facing technical support
– offers easy to use, new-account provisioning forms and custom installers to make new installs a breeze
– provides you or your authorized staff with bird’s eye view reporting and status reports
– leverages a fixed-price retail pricing model, which offers both term and quantity discounts
– provides you with a detailed sell-through report and an enduring, recurring earnings payout each quarter

Both models include:
– the same robust servers and storage options, with published server uptime stats
– a monthly budget for no-charge, NFR/Internal use seats and storage
– access to our co-operative marketing program and funding
– unlimited pre-sales and post-sales assistance and support
– access to the owner’s toll-free cell phone number, if ever things aren’t to your liking

If what you’ve read sounds good, we’d like to connect with you to learn a little more about you. Please take a moment to complete the form below and we will promptly schedule a call or WebEx.

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At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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