Find your nearest Authorized Background Backup Specialist now, for in-person care before the chips (or servers) are down.

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Stop worrying about the vulnerability of your company data. Call or email and find out how Background Backup can deliver the security and simplicity you're looking for.

We don’t wish it to ever happen, but if a fire or burglary ever did occur, we think you’d have so many other, more important things on your mind rather than restoring your data and getting IT back up and running.

Driven by a vision of the personal and hands-on service experience that we would want to receive if we were ever unsure about the state of our business and critical data, Background Backup has invested in assembling a geographically diverse network of sales and support organizations across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and even New Zealand.  Ready to roll the sleeves up, and backed by a direct line to our senior operations team lead, these support professionals have all shown that they have what it takes to let you focus on what you really need to, when you need to. All while they get your business back in the hands of your team, drama-free.

If you don’t happen to see anyone from your local area on the list, it might be because we haven’t found the right fit with anyone nearby yet.  If there is a support organization that you know for sure would win the Nobel Service Prize if such an honor really existed, and they would be your ‘one call’ at the end of the earth, then we’d be much obliged if you’d share their contact information.  Send your service hero’s name and email address along and let’s get the ball rolling! Please send to: suggestions <at> backgroundbackup <dot> ca.

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“I phoned in, and a staff member was able to calm me down and help me recover the files from a backup made earlier in the week. No data was lost, and it only took a matter of minutes for them to recover.” J.G., Law office administrator

“As a web developer, all of the work I do is on a computer, and Background Backup has saved critical data for me. I was able to track back data from months gone by.” Ryan D Brinkhurst, Partner, Halogen Marketing

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At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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