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At Background Backup we believe that managing a backup service shouldn’t be painful.  In fact, we believe in this so strongly that we have taken over a dozen years experience in the field to develop a number of tools and services that remove the drama from managing large groups of managed backup clients or cost-recovery acocunts.  While Tracker (our flagship tool) is built to service and report on any API-enabled backup program, the first system we chose to support is one very close to our hearts.

With almost four years experience using CrashPlan so far, we think very highly of CrashPlan PROe as being an ideal platform for success.  To that end, the strongest implementation to date of Tracker is now available as a very affordable service for professional CrashPlan PRO and PROe administrators, worldwide (Click for our current data sheet).


For service providers, IT Directors and reseller administrators offering CrashPlan PROe managed backup services, we think there is a better way to keep your ducks in a row.  It starts with having one central, authoritative source for performance data for all of your otherwise un-related CrashPlan PROe servers - and we jump off from there. Bred for speed and accuracy, Background Backup’s Tracker service sniffs out those easy to miss yet terribly dangerous conditions within your distributed CrashPlan client base, such as significant shifts in the size or count of files selected for protection, a prolonged period of ‘backup success, but no completion’ or even worse, a client that proceeded to install, configure and quit the client but never actually clicked ’start’. For business administrators seeking custom usage reports and financial charge-back figures based on your own per-org price-plans, look no further.  In addition to these capabilities, Tracker can even leverage FreshBooks to automatically create your customer-facing invoices, in your own company’s account.

Once Tracker has your Master server’s scent, monitoring your server and backup service becomes near effortless on your part; sit back and relax as we check in on things every hour.  We need only three simple things to get started, and anyone with admin privileges on a CrashPlan PRO or PROe server instance (version 11.05.09 or later, stand-alone or hosted) can provide them to us in just a few minutes… We require the user name and password for a read-only ‘Manager’ account for your top org or server (SETTINGS > EDIT SERVER SETTINGS > MANAGER), the address and port for your master server (we need only that one link to report on all destinations, even remote slaves and peer-peer destinations, of all known clients) and your preferential responses to our ‘what to watch for’ checklist, which is how we train our Tracker to be your very own.

To help us introduce ourselves and our Tracker service a bit better, we’d like to invite you to enjoy a complimentary month of our continuous monitoring and reporting.  Send an email along to “trackme @ backgroundbackup.ca” with the rough details of your installation (size of user base, any core threats you are currently facing) and a good time to get in touch with you to collect the required login details.

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Kristin Green, LightSpeed Integrator

“I phoned in, and a staff member was able to calm me down and help me recover the files from a backup made earlier in the week. No data was lost, and it only took a matter of minutes for them to recover.”

J.G., Law office administrator

“As a web developer, all of the work I do is on a computer, and Background Backup has saved critical data for me. I was able to track back data from months gone by.”

Ryan D Brinkhurst, Partner, Halogen Marketing

CrashPlan PRO
At the core of Background Backup is CrashPlan PROe—flexible, affordable, proven technology that enables continuous and scheduled automatic backups while users carry on with their daily work.
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